JCG Overwatch - JCG Open

2017/10/05 20:00 (木) 終了

JCG Open 2017 #10





対戦名 ゲーム名 勝者
OW07 vs OW08 Game1 OW07
OW01 vs OW07 Game1 OW07
OW06 vs OW02 Game1 OW06
OW07 vs OW06 Game1 OW07
OW01 vs OW02 Game1 OW01


対戦名 ゲーム名 勝者
OW09 vs OW10 Game1 OW09
OW03 vs OW09 Game1 OW09
OW05 vs OW04 Game1 OW05
OW09 vs OW05 Game1 OW09


 ・League of Legends





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